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Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), specifically bacterial lipopolysaccharides, have been known to possess beneficial antitumor and immuno-pharmacological effects. However, LPS impose undesired effects or toxicity and the recent decade has seen an explosion in the synthesis of LPS tailored to produce desired pharmacological responses while minimizing the undesirable side effects. Because of the pharmacological benefits and low toxicity exhibited by complex glycolipids such as sophorolipids or rhamnolipids (derived from renewable agrochemicals) as immuno-modulators, we are currently synthesizing and evaluating well-defined glycolipid analogs using a variety of enzymatic and chemical steps in the synthesis where these respective approaches are most effective. The derivatives synthesized, thereof, will then be used to identify leading potential drug candidates.

Dr. Jason Carr, Ph.D.

Nazarbayev University
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Astana, Kazakhstan 010000
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